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Congratulations Greek Sing winners!

Congratulations to our Alpha Chi Omega chapters who are performing this spring in the Greek Sing competitions on their campus. Many are winning awards and getting good press for themselves and Alpha Chi in the process!

*Iota Sigma took 2nd place in the Southern Methodist University Sing Song 2006 March 31st.
*Kappa Nu took 2nd place in the doubles division at the Carnegie Mellon University Greek Sing March 25th.
*Alpha Chi won the Musicality Award at the Butler University Spring Sing April 1st.

Chi Omega and Lambda Chi Alpha win 2006 Sing Song competition

By Clark Ransom, Contributing Writer,
April 04, 2006

Boisterous cheers and applause echoed throughout McFarlin Auditorium Friday night as Program Council presented its annual Sing Song competition. The competition raises hundreds of dollars for Program Council.

This year’s theme was entitled “I Love Sing Song” and featured an array of performances from cowgirls and dancing penguins to “Chicago” and ‘80s flashback.

Sing Song allows various student organizations on campus to pair up and present a medley of performances.

Sing Song dates back to the 1950s, but it took a 20-year absence 17 years ago. According to Helane “Lulu” Seikaly, Program Council’s special events committee chair, the planning for this years competition started back in August.

Auditions were held in late January with practices being held every week up until the night before Sing Song.

The first place winners of the night were Chi Omega and Lambda Chi Alpha. Their performance, entitled “I Love Sing Song,” opened with a tap routine led by Freshman Will Cooper, who said that he had been dancing and performing for over 10 years. The presentation continued on in a rehearsal-like setting and ended with a costumed spectacle of “Hot Stuff.”

Audience member and Chi-O senior Ashley Hopkins said she thought the theme was what put the Chi-Os and Lambda Chis into first place.

“In all my four years here, this was the best Sing Song ever,” Hopkins said.

The second place award went to Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma, whose “Sparkling Diamonds vs. The Crazy Cowgirls” mock-collegiate competition was a showdown between the city girls and country girls.

Routines included “These Boots are made for Walkin’” and “Uptown Girls.” DG sophomore Brittany Gonzalez said this was her first year performing in Sing Song and that learning all the routines was a lot of hard work “but very worth it.”

Alpha Chi junior Haley Ellis added that she was so happy to be back onstage after growing up in theatre, and it was like “coming back home.” Ellis said this was the first time in almost 12 years that Alpha Chi had participated in Sing Song.

Third place was awarded to Kappa Alpha Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha for their performance of “How Pike met Theta.” The story followed two Thetas and two Pikes and their journey home for fall break.

Awards were also given out for various categories voted on by this year’s performers.

Best theme went to Theta and Pike, best backdrop was Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Phi Epsilon and best choreography went to Chi-O and Lambda Chi.

As in previous years, Sing Song included non-greek groups from around campus. The SMU Raas team, known as “The Sticks,” performed an upbeat Indian dance routine. Audience member Neva Flynn said she thought the glittery pink costumes of the Raas team were beautiful and that their “timing was perfect.”

The Voices of Inspiration gospel choir closed out the show before the awards were given. Thunderous screams filled the auditorium as each winner was announced.

Kappa Alpha Order senior and performer Cameron Johnson said this was definitely the best year he had ever seen and summed up the entire night as “spectacular.”

The Greeks Can Sing
Mar 31, 2006 11:24 am | by Ashley Birt and Kami Smith
On March 25, members of the Carnegie Mellon fraternities and sororities spent a day not studying, but rather singing and dancing at Greek Sing. Through the event, the Greek community raises money for a chosen charity; this year, it raised $12,000 for Doctors Without Borders.

Held at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland, Greek Sing is an annual philanthropic cabaret of short, theatrical adaptations of popular movies and musicals. Greek organizations may either perform an act by themselves in the singles division, or join up with another group for the doubles division. Regardless of division, no act may go longer than thirteen minutes, and all groups are responsible for putting together their own sets and costumes. Saturday's big winners were Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta Rho in the doubles division and Theta Xi in the singles division.

The evening started with a performance from School of Drama seniors of "Seasons of Love" from the musical RENT, as well as "Snuff that Girl" from CFA's most recent musical performed on campus, Urinetown. The performance featured the acting, singing, and dancing talents of the senior musical theatre majors at their finest.

The first competitive performance was a doubles division act with Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Epsilon Pi presenting scenes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The hard work of both organizations was evident as performers executed lifts and gymnastic feats with ease. The "Sweet Transvestite" Frank N. Furter, portrayed by SCS senior Brian Thompson, thrilled the crowd with his vocals and feminine appearance, enhanced by pearls and lingerie. The group presented such songs as "Time Warp," "Touch Me," and "Sweet Transvestite."

Rocky Horror was followed by a step show performed by the ladies of Kappa Phi Lambda in their premiere Greek Sing performance. The girls took a moment during their show to thank the Greek community for the chance to perform and said they hope for many Greek Sing performances in the future. Their well-executed performance hinged on the accuracy of the complex rhythms made by using the body and feet. At one point, the girls blindfolded themselves and continued to perform their show with accuracy and grace.

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon continued the doubles competition with their performance based on the popular Baz Lurhmann film, Moulin Rouge. The Soldiers & Sailors stage was full of can-can dancers, bohemians, and courtesans as the Greeks assembled a lit and decorated spinning windmill, the trademark of the infamous Moulin Rouge. However, the set was not the only thing of note. The group had an inventive usage of light and movement, as seen with the candle formations during "Come What May," when chorus members assumed the position of Indian gods. Another remarkable part of the show was their performance of the song "Like a Virgin," performed by an all male chorus of Sigma Phi Epsilons with Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towels.

Next, Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Kappa Theta performed selections from the Broadway musical Once on this Island. The audience was transported to the French Antilles as the Greeks told the story of a woman and man who are in love, but live in two very different worlds. The colorful costumes and strong vocals engaged the crowd as the performers sang songs such as "Waiting for Life to Begin" in this tale of star-crossed lovers and the gods that meddle in their lives.

After a 10-minute intermission, audience members were transported into the world of pop superstars Boyz II Men as the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon told a fictional saga about the group's chaotic rise to fame. The first group in the singles division, it featured a guest appearance by the ghost of TV's Patrick Duffy (Step by Step) and Boyz II Men hits "I'll Make Love to You" and "Water Runs Dry." At the end of the show, Boyz II Men members LaMarcus and Nathan, played by HSS junior Damian Canetti-Rios and CIT junior Dan Gilmour, had a touching reunion that kept the audience laughing and singing.

This humorous tale was followed by Delta Delta Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha's musical rendering of the hit movie Wedding Crashers. The performance told the story of two "wedding crashers" who finally fall for the wrong wedding guests. The performance featured songs from the movie, such as "Shout," as well as other songs from pop culture like "Total Eclipse of the Heart," complete with a heartfelt performance by multi-colored ribbon dancers.

"Ghostbusters" was the next performance, performed as part of the singles competition by Beta Theta Pi. The performance told the memorable story of four friends who "ain't afraid of no ghosts" as they battle to save New York City. Featuring the song "Monster Mash" and ending with a touching rendition of "We Are the World" with a guest appearance from Michael Jackson, "Ghostbusters" received lots of laughs and appreciation from the audience.

Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta Rho put forth their skills to perform scenes from the Broadway musical Big River next, with vocals that touched the audience with their power and energy. The performance started and ended with the presentation of a large story book that read "Big River." This story of the adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the journey that leads to his self-discovery was engaging and diverse in its material. The show included a particularly energetic performance of the song "Waitin' for the Light to Shine."

The last performance came from Theta Xi in the singles division performing a musical version of the classic film The Graduate. The performance told the story of college senior Michael who gets involved with Mrs. Robinson, an older professor. This affair leads to much heartache for Michael, but in the end, he perseveres. Of course, the popular Simon and Garfunkel song "Mrs. Robinson" was the centerpiece of the performance, but it also reached into the world of rap with the big finale song, Nas' "I Can."

At the end of the night, awards were presented for performance, philanthropy, helpfulness, and overall achievement. In the singles division, Theta Xi walked away with first place, while Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Beta Theta Pi received second and third place, respectively. Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta Rho took home first place in the doubles division, with Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Epsilon Pi placing second and Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon placing third. The award for most money raised went to Delta Delta Delta, while Kappa Kappa Gamma received the most helpful award. Finally, the overall achievement award went to Kappa Delta Rho and Delta Gamma. This was based not only on performance scores, but also on the amount of money raised.

Regardless of who won and lost, this year's Greek Sing kept people laughing hard and singing along, all while helping a worthy charity. (see article for photos)

Spring Sing brings spectacular performances
By Tim Mauer
Dawgnet Staff Writer
Monday, April 3, 2006, 11:13 EST

Last Saturday the annual event of Spring Sing was held at Clowes Memorial Hall. The show divides the housing units into groups who prepare songs (parodies) that match the theme for the year. This year’s theme was "Happy birthday, Butler."

The show started out with three tunes from the band “chicks and sticks.” The crowd loved the third tune they played, “Super Mario Brothers Medley.”

The first housing units to perform were Alpha Chi Omega and Lambda Chi Alpha. This group used live music consisting of a piano bass and guitar and because of this it was hard to hear their singing. They used a visual effect of some members of the group wearing navy shirt with a letter “B” and the other wearing white shirts with the letter “B” to make formations.

The next group was Kappa Kappa Gamma and Tau Kappa Epsilon. This group started out with a “Brady Bunch” parody. To make this more realistic some members covered their heads with a blue piece of construction paper. They also did a parody involving the “Sponge-Bob Squareparents”, “Friends” and “Caddy Shack” theme songs.

The Pi Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Psi and Schwitzer hall group had a Disney theme for their performance. Many people in this group were dressed up in the costumes of different characters. They did several parodies including songs from the “Lion King”, “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast.” To start out their performance they used glow sticks to wish upon as star.

Kappa Alpha Theta, Residential College and Ross Hall followed. This group worked in jokes against many administrative personnel on campus. They also chose spots on campus such as Starbucks and Star Fountain to describe in their songs.

Alpha Phi and Sigma Chi did a variety of parodies. One of their's involved the Jordan College of Fine Arts and its students. Another parody was based on the song “Celebration.”

Delta Gamma, Sigma Nu and University Terrace residents used the widest variety of genres of music during their performance including a country song, rap song, punk rock song and a rock song. On their last song they used choreography consisting of strobe lights and glow sticks.

The final group consisted of Delta Delta Delta, Delta Tau Delta and the commuters. This group, like the first one, used live music and again the words were hard to hear. The groups did a version of the “Umpa Lumpa” and “Feel Good INC” amongst others. During their version of “Feel Good INC” they used glow sticks.

The dance team performed allowing time for the judges to add up their scores. The judges included Bob Dale, psychology professor, Marvin Recht, executive in residence in the College of Business Administration, Amanda Cullum, YMCA of Indianapolis, Vonna Knapp, Ensembles Secretary, Jordan College of Fine Arts, and Lisa Symons, dance department secretary.

The Judge’s Favorite Award went to Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma and University Terrace. The Musicality Award went to Alpha Chi Omega. Third place was awarded to Kappa Alpha Theta, Residential College and Ross Hall. Second place went to Pi Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Psi and Schwitzer Hall. First place went to Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma and University Terrace.

The organizers of the event, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music Greek organizations, presented the Spirit Award to Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma and University Terrace.

Most students enjoyed the experience of participating in this year's Spring Sing, while others admitted it wasn't all fun and games.

“(Spring Sing) was a lot of fun. It was stressful with only two weeks to prepare,” Michele Lyon from Ross Hall said. (see photos with article)
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